London Mini Portrait Session

TIME: 45 minutes

IMAGES: 10 edited high-resolution digital images

PRICE: £50

London Portrait Session

TIME: 2 hours

IMAGES: 40 edited high-resolution digital images

PRICE: £150

Types of Photography

  • Family portraits

  • Individual portraits

  • Engagement portraits

  • Couple’s portraits

  • Commercial headshots

  • Fitness photography

  • Boudoir and couple’s boudoir

I like transparency, so I’ve listed my entire process from the initial stages of planning the photo shoot to delivering the images below.

The Process

Before the shoot: If you would like to book a photo shoot, please email me through this website and I will arrange a quick phone call so we can discuss the details of the photo shoot.  This allows me to know exactly what type of shoot you want and the best ways to plan the shoot.  I will also discuss some details of the contract.

What to expect the day of the shoot: I typically book 45 minutes to 2 hour shoots. If the photo shoot is outdoors the start  time will typically be related to sunset, but this is entirely based on the needs of the client.  Studio photo shoots will be based on access to the studio, however, I am new to London, so I am still working on the logistics of booking a studio.  I prefer natural posing, so I typically try to get the clients/models to find what works for them and then I will direct as the photo shoot takes place.  I also think it is important to show the client the images as I am shooting; therefore, it allows you to adjust or change depending on the photo being taken.  This also allows me to better understand what exactly you want from the photo shoot, because the shoot is about the client, not the photographer.  I tend to shoot at rather wide apertures, between an F-stop of 1.4 and 2.0, so this requires a little more time than if I were shooting higher apertures because of the greater margin of error. Due to this I may ask a client to hold a pose for a tad longer in order for me to get a few shots of one specific pose before transitioning into another pose.  My wife is typically at photo shoots with me to help out with the process.

What to expect after the shoot: It typically takes two weeks for post-processing, however, there are times where things get very busy and this can take a little longer. Your post-processing time will be determined when we initially discuss the photo shoot and will be placed in the contract, so you will know the post-processing time before the photo shoot even starts.  I will deliver the number of edited high-resolution digital images in jpeg format specified in the package chosen and they will be available for download.  I use a professional print shop here in the U.K. and also another in the United States, so I can professionally print any images that you would like and have them mailed to you. 

Satisfaction Guarantee: I want everyone to be happy with the images, so I will initially send the images in a gallery view. Once you see the images and approve, I will then send the code for downloading the images.  If for any reason you are not happy with the images, I will refund the money, however, you will not have access to the digital downloads.

Editing: This is always a tricky part for photographers.  Some clients want very little editing and some prefer more, so this is something that will be discussed before the shoot takes place during the phone consultation.  I normally edit things like skin blemishes, acne, and bruises, but can do more extensive editing if necessary.  I prefer a more natural look,  which is what I tend to gravitate towards, so please let me know if you want specific things edited.  I do not automatically remove things like wrinkles, stretch marks, or cellulite without being asked specifically; these things can be removed, but I like the client to be the deciding factor and not the photographer.  I also do not think we should completely reshape a person, so if you want intense reshaping, I am not your photographer. 


I use Nikon camera bodies that range from 36 to 45 megapixels and only prime lenses, which are either Nikon or Sigma Art.  Typically for portraits I jump between a 35mm for family group shots, to 58mm and 85mm for individuals or couples.  I use a combination of Profoto, Westcott, and Godox for studio and portable lighting, with most modifiers being Profoto.  All of my editing is done with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.