Nathan Cohron of Tremont Photography

I am a London portrait photographer based in the Hammersmith and Fulham area, and specialize in various types of portrait photography. After working in the fields of scientific research and healthcare for over a decade, I decided to pick up photography as a hobby.  It becomes very easy with science to begin to only think in data and numbers, and you kind of lose the creative energy that defines us as humans.  So, avoiding an existential crisis caused by science, I turned to photography as a vehicle for my creativity.  This actually completely changed my life in various ways; I quickly realized that photography was the tool that allowed me to truly express myself.

As nerdy as it sounds, my main inspirations for my photography are paintings from the Romantic era, where the artists sought to bring back emotion and nature to art after the Enlightenment.  The use of light, nature, and historical context in these paintings create a mood that has always resonated with me.  Therefore, my goal was to shoot portraits and landscapes that create a sense of dreamy and sometimes dark atmosphere. This is also why I typically visit art galleries for inspiration, instead of scrolling social media for hours.  I like to mesh the realism of life with the rich tones of an intricate painting.

I started photography in New York City while living in the Bronx, before moving to the neighborhood of Hammersmith in London.  I was trained in New York by two great friends, Ryan and Rachel of Ryan and Rach Photography. and intended on being a wedding photographer, but realized I prefer portraits, because I like having more control over the environment.  This led to me branching out on my own and transitioning from event photography to mainly portraits.  I am based out of London, but still take photo shoots in New York City during a few weeks of the year.  I hope that you appreciate my work and feel free to contact me if you want to arrange a photo shoot!  

Interests: Music has always played a huge role in my life, I grew up on punk, metal, and hip-hop and these genres were the music that drove and motivated me.  Being part of an underground punk and skateboard scene really got me through some tough times in my life and gave me a different perspective. Any time I have the opportunity to go to a small show or do skateboard photography, it transports me back to a time that mattered so much to me and reminds me that something as simple as a music can truly change your life.  Between music, biking, hiking, photography, and traveling with my wife, I’m rarely without inspiration.